No one knows how much stress you are under, even though we can try to sympathize. You are the only one that actually has to go through it.  I made this site for you at first as an apology, but I realized I wanted to give you at least one smile a day on even the toughest ones you had, and I know you have had several.  I will not be updating this site everyday like I used to, because that is what you want, but I will make this last post to you, because regardless of what happens in the long run between us, I still think you deserve a smile every day. So hopefully when you read this, and if you ever decide to come back to the site and read it later, that is exactly what it will do for you. You don’t need to respond to me, you just need to know that you can always come here and someone wants you to make you smile and be happy.  And that doesn’t mean just me, but everyone who cares about you even if you cannot talk to them right now.